Thursday, April 5, 2012

Google's 'Project Glass' - CNN

Just the other day we were talking about Google’s self-driving car, and now, we are talking about another Google concept that’s got the tech world buzzin’.  Here are some of the deets as discussed on CNN.

It’s dubbed ‘Project Glass’.

A few weeks ago we heard about Google’s rumored augmented reality glasses.  Now it’s no longer a secret.  Google has released a few concepts and a video online.

This project comes from Google X offices (or better known as super secretive future lab).  Google X is focused on giving technologists opportunities to take high impact visions and bring it to the world at scale.   This is the same team that is working on the self –driving car.

You might be wondering - how does this work?
They are augmented reality glasses.  There is a small video camera on the one side.  It will monitor in real-time and overlaying graphics about what you are looking at or requesting.  (See below - there is a camera and a small rectangle for displaying the graphics.  However, they do not have any sort of glass type lenses in them.)

To best understand these glasses – watch this video:

Imagine being able to see graphics pop up in your vision and allow you access to things like video chat, turn by turn directions, checking the weather, playing music and reminders or just simply giving you information on a building right in front of you.

Google noted that they are experimenting with a number of ways the glasses would be standalone or powered from a smartphone.  Probably no surprise we would see them powered on Android.

For some people their head might be spinning, for others, this could be really cool?

What if someone has focusing problems or wears glasses? How is it going to work for them?

Google noted they are experimenting with a lot of different designs and technological capabilities and models that could accommodate different vision requirements.

The concept was made available to the public specifically so Google could get user feedback, and they are encouraging people to go to and submit feedback.

When do we see these available at retail?
That’s the million dollar question.  They said it’s hard to say at this point.  Though the lovely rumor mill points to as early as end of year.

For now it’s just the Google X teams that get to give them a test run.

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