Thursday, April 12, 2012

Short + Sweet: Barnes and Noble GlowLight Technology

I had a chance to get hands on with the new Simple Touch Reader.  It comes with a price tag of $139 touting the new patented  "GlowLight" technology feature. Additionally, it's a hair lighter than the original Simple Touch Reader (which will remain on the market for $99).

The bottom line:
 E-ink is great for sunlight but now it works great in bed or during travel.

The GlowLight technology was explained as "uniform soft light across display that turns on instantly and adjusts with a touch."  In my words: there's a button on it to control the brightness.

I spoke with one of the lead engineers and he noted they had been working on the technology for 18 months.  He added, it was one of the features most requested with the e-reader.

Light accessories can range from $15 - $60 dollars.  It's a nice option to have it built in for a new user.

It will be available early May. 

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