Monday, April 2, 2012

Three Things That Don't Need an App

Brushing your teeth
BeamBrush, $50 (available soon)
Because brushing your teeth requires an app.  Enter the worlds first “smart toothbrush” that syncs to the app to monitor your hygiene. Track your brushing length, listen to your favorite song and achieve goals.  Oy vey.
Picking Scabs
iScab, $0.99
Totes not weird at all.  This app is made for picking your scabs.
Pick scabs as they randomly appear – compete worldwide to see who can fill three jars the fastest.  In the app description the company states “Scab is not so much a game as it is a return to a favorite pastime.”  But don’t overpick or the scab wont heal.

Flipping A Coin
CoinFlip, Free
Here's an idea, just flip a coin instead.

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