Sunday, May 6, 2012

Facebook Organ Donation- as discussed on CNN

Hot in the tech news this week – Facebook announced a new tool they claimed would “save lives”. It was unveiled that, through your Facebook page, you can choose to become an organ donor. 
114,000 people in the United States are awaiting a transplant. 18 people die every day because they did not receive a transplant. Since there are 191 million people on Facebook in the US alone, just a fraction signing up could make a difference.
How to sign up:
1.) In the box where you would post a status update, check the box that says “Life Event”. 
2.) Click “Health and Wellness”
3.) Click “Organ Donation” – and register from there.
According to various reports, a number of organ donation branches that would typically pull in around 25 donors a day are reporting upwards of 600 donors since the Facebook option launched. I spoke to Facebook, but they could not confirm these numbers. (though these reports on instant spikes appeared credible, however.)

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