Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Random Roundup - and we're back!

Spice up your Thursday with these wacky gadgets. Yes @teluric is back with me for more! And we at TalkNerdyToMe (oh wait, that's just me) heart him!

Flying Hovercraft, $190k
A hovercraft with 'integrated wings' allowing you to glide on both land and water.  130hp engine, up to 70mph on both land and water and clearing obstacles up to 20ft off the ground.

Day Maker, $100
Stylish, yet practical iPhone alarm clock made for charging two phones.  For now, its only a Kickstarter concept but hey we've said that before and $10 million dollars later...

Buffalo Wing Soda, $5 (side of ranch extra)
But wait, there's more.  This amazing flavor does not stand alone - also comes in Peanut Butter and Jelly, Pumpkin Pie and Sweet Corn.  Click here to order.

iPhone Fan, $4
Commuters rejoice.  Perfect for outdoor sweat-a-thons.

Super Hero Bathing Suits, $48

Cryptozoology Vehicles Stickers, $10
No offense to anyone that has these vehicle stickers on the rear window but I LOATHE THEM.

These new stickers featuring the chupacabra, bigfoot and lochness monster are much more appropriate for my family and probably yours too.

Thunderstorm Earrings, $14

King Kong Whisk, $15

And as always, pics for fun!

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