Sunday, June 10, 2012

Round-up of Amazing Stuff You Need!

Oh yes, my friends, E3 is over but we shouldn't become depressed now should we?  Here is a super fab geeky roundup from David DeSilva, otherwise, @teluric.

Beer Shampoo, $15
Great for am showers before heading in to work.

Glazed Donut Vodka, $16
How quality can it be for $16?  I think I just paid that for a donut in NYC.

Helicopter Ceiling Fan, $TBD
1:6 scale created by Raffaele Iannello.

Game of Thrones Replica Throne, $30k
Created from fiberglass and cut with a robotic arm, yes please.  And, WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS? At 350lbs it still qualifies as doable for my 4th floor pre-war walkup.

Vader and Son, $15
"A hilarious and heart-warming picture book all bout Vader and Luke."

Laundry Soap for Men, $10

Ewok Dress, $150
Um, yes please!!

Gallon Jug of Tabasco Sauce, $39

Mario Cutting Board, $110

R2-D2 Cufflinks with Thumbdrive, $200

Marvel Comics Bathrobes, $60

 And of course pics for your enjoyment!

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