Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Best Place to View a Full Moon? Turks and Caicos!

Turks and Caicos are some of the most stunning islands to visit (British territories) and they also host a pretty amazing phenomenon.  Two to six days after a full moon, enter the glow worms.  Glow worms, small invertebrates, are buried underneath the sand (you can see their little sand holes if you look closely under shallow water).  During a mating ritual, the females release eggs and illuminate a green luminescence.  When the male finds the eggs, they dance around the eggs making an even brighter green illumination that sparkles across the entire ocean.  In short, creating a spectacular display.  There are a few tourist  “glow worm cruises” that are available by boat to watch this phenomenon. 

And speaking of nature’s amazingness, another thing to keep your eyes peeled for when visiting Turks is the “Green Flash”.  It’s something I would love to see in my lifetime.    Essentially, just as the sun sets on the water, a green flash (very fast!) is emitted over the horizon.    It’s a rare occurrence and there are only a few areas in the world that are great for experiencing it. 

Here's is a little vid I quickly put together on the trip!

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