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Oh So 'Social Olympics'! - CNN

Nearly 10 million tweets on opening day, smartphone tweets and texts jamming up cell networks during cycling races…. who can deny these are the most social Olympics? So, what are people really searching for and what is trending on Twitter?

I reached out to Twitter, Facebook, Google and Yahoo to get you the latest and more interesting stats across the board as discussed on CNN.

Let’s start with Twitter:
·      Nearly 10 Million Tweets Opening Day
·      2/3 of both team USA and team Great Britain on Twitter
·      Most tweeted about sport has been "volleyball"
·      Most tweeted event – Phelps’ gold win Tuesday (half a million mentions)

And just an interesting little stat: popular on Twitter, nail art!  Searches for “Olympic nails” up 125% on Yahoo and some of the most popular pictures pulled from twitter from athletes especially swimmers like Missy Franklin and Allison Schmitt:

With the good Twitter, we have the bad Twitter.
As we all know by now, NBC has seen strong sentiment mostly over the decision of tape delays.

Networks were clogged in road races on Saturday and blamed texting and Twitter for the jam – people onsite were told only to send updates if urgent.

We have seen two athletes; one from Greece one from Switzerland ousted from the games for racist tweets.

And after British Diver Tom Daley failed to medal, a fan wrote to him stating he let his dad down (who had passed away last year).   Daley, whom has hundreds and thousands of followers, retweeted it.  The 17-year-old that sent the message was later arrested.

My favorite statistics were those pulled by Yahoo.  Here’s what you guys are searching for!
Searches for “Olympic nails” are up 125% 
Searches for "Gymnastics" spiking 252%
One of the top searched questions on Yahoo! “Are the Olympic medals real gold?”
Searches for "Michael Phelps girlfriend" are up 15,253%
Searches for Aly Raisman’s parents are up 1067% Tuesday.
Searches for Missy Franklin’s parents are up 775% Tuesday

The most searched and liked athletes from Google:
Top ten athletes in English in the US (past week):
Courtesy of Google
1.     Lebron James
2.     Alex Morgan
3.     Michael Phelps
4.     Kobe Bryant
5.     Hope Solo
6.     Lolo Jones
7.     Kevin Durant
8.     Ryan Lochte
9.     Usain Bolt
10.   James Harden

And in terms of Facebook here is the list of athletes who have grown the most by # of fans overall:
Facebook “most liked” athletes:

Courtesy of Facebook
1.     Tom Daley
2.     Michael Phelps
3.     Ryan Lochte
4.     Jordyn Wieber
5.     LeBron James
6.     Usain Bolt
7.     Yannick Agnel
8.     Kobe Bryant
9.     Neymar
10.   Maria Sharapova

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