Friday, September 14, 2012

Just For You. Random Gadgets!

@teluric and I are back supplying you more nerd stuff.

DipJar, TBD
File this under no excuse for cheap people to not leave a tip!  DipJar is currently testing with several partners and takes $0.20 of every $1.

Images and tip courtesy of

Tetris Heat Changing Mug, $15

Honey Badger Talking Plush, $25

Twitter Hash Tag Mug, $10

Star Wars Pajamas, $65
Who wants to have a sleepover and build a fort?  My Facebook friends were quick to point out the extra bonus that they are too in fact feet pajamas!

Pac-man Shot Glass 4-Pack (4-pac), $15
Featuring Inky, Blinky and of course Clyde.

Paperback Cologne Spray, $20
One step closer to new electronic scent...A girl can dream.

Spokin Bike Spokes, $8
Spokey Dokes are back!  Annoy the neighborhood FTW!

R2-D2 Suitcase, $96

And as always, a pic for your enjoyment.

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