Monday, January 7, 2013

Skin Patch to Prevent Concussions?

The CES is for tech geeks what NBA All-Star Weekend is for the hard-partying elite. And this week, as the iPhone 5-toting masses descend on Las Vegas for the 2013 edition, I’ll be there -- with at least four different pairs of glasses. 

Attendees will see more than 20,000 gadgets in a gigantic convention space that measures more than 35 football fields. This year’s unofficial theme is smarter TVs, but expect to see everything under the sun, from smarter forks (yes, smarter forks) to new auto technologies. 

But you’re probably wondering about the top gadgets for sports fans (keep checking back, because I’ll be blogging about those all week). One gadget that should be on sports fans’ radars is the X2 sensor module. 

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