Monday, February 11, 2013

All Access from Toy Fair 2013

The largest toy show in the US has once again descended upon NYC's Javits Center! You can bet I will be there every single day. I had a few hours to check out the show floors Sunday and here were some of my faves: new lineup of "Party Rocker" Furbies, Lego Mindstorms (finally got to see these in person though they've been out for a hot second), a new Skip-It, Jenga Boom (utilizes timer), and as always the latest from NERF.

With tens and thousands of new toys being showcased that are not yet on the market, it's equivalent to being in heaven.  That said, I have found a lot of hidden gems but you will have to stay tuned to Spike All Access Weekly in the upcoming weeks to check em out. ;)  For now enjoy some of the pics and videos below.

These weird things greet the entrance every year and freak me out / I want one.

Tired of that person that takes ten years to pull a piece?
Jenga "Boom" - now on a destructive timer.

The new Monopoly "cat" token was prominently showcased at the Hasbro booth.
Note Hasbro was off-site from Javits

Brand new Skip-It

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