Monday, January 11, 2010

CES concludes. The Winner =3D TV.

Ahh, the glorious annually awaited Consumer Electronics Show has ended in Vegas. And as always, there is some pretty exciting tech right around the corner. Some featured CES favorites include; TV video conferencing (Skype style), The Light Touch Pico Projector, and ... even when you thought film wouldnt make it into a 2010 CES blog, the Polaroid Pic-1000 Model.

But the overall rage was hands down 3D TV. And I gotta say – this is a novel must! While networks like ESPN, Fox and DirecTV all promise 3D channels in 2011 and 3D glasses will allow you to catch Favre airing out a 4th and 20 prayer that you'll be grabbing for, there is more to the 3D rage than just channels. 3D TV is really opening up a whole new Narnia; 3D TV Test Labs, 3D VOD, 2D-to-3D conversion and of course new lines of 3D Televisions in themselves. It may be frustrating for anyone that just splurged on a new HDTV and you may be wondering if and how you can still opt in…. well, all hope is not lost and here is a great article from InteractiveTV Today to really sum it all up.


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