Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sea Slug Seemingly Confused.

Bizarre and fascinating- scientists have found that this sea slug, or its dog show name, Elysia chlorotica- is likely half-plant, half-animal.

Basically, the slug produces its own cholorphyll enabling it to carry out photosynthesis - and if you remember from 7th grade science that allows the little friend to make energy out of sunlight whereas it doesn't have to eat because it makes its own energy molecules. It's like the Prius of species!

The hypothesis is the creature has stolen the skills to create chlorophyll from the very own algae it eats.

Biologist Sidney Pierce has been studying the slug for 20 years and noted, "It certainly is possible that DNA from one species can get into another species, as these slugs have clearly shown," ...."But the mechanisms are still unknown."

Click for Wired article.

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