Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Enough already – it’s here! The iPad.

After weeks, months, YEARS of tech anticipation, Apple has officially announced the latest member of their family- the iPad.

Here’s what you need to know in short.

In between a smart phone and a laptop the iPad will be a great tool for email and web browsing, ebooks, watching video and gaming (a market which Apple is trying to get more into). With touch screen capabilities, a virtual keyboard and of course apps - think of it like a larger iPod Touch or iPhone interface.

Under 2lbs, just a half inch thick and sporting a 10 inch screen, the iPad will start at $499 and go up to $699 depending on storage size. This is good news considering most sources anticipated it would run at around $1000.

The other thing that I love is the ability to purchase the iPad with the AT&T 3G built in ($130 more a piece).

Desirable? Absolutely. Look for them in about 60 days.


  1. So, are you looking to buy one? I think I am, but most places I've seen lots of yawns re: the iPad.

  2. you do realize, however, that for 499 / 699 usd it's actually a big piece of junk, right? and that it actually has nothing to do with laptops apart from the size - or do you sync your current laptop with itunes to install software?



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