Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Punxsy Phil Meets The 21st Century, Robots and Troy Polamalu?

The beloved posterchild for Ground Hog Day, Punxsutawney Phil , saw his shadow today indicating six more weeks of winter. Phil gives his prediction every year from the 3.4sq mile town in Pennsylvania (that notably houses a police force of 12 and is a must-do-once road trip). But his predictions this year didn't come old school. For the first time ever Phil sent his prediction via text. Excited recipients that texted 'GROUNDHOG' to 247365 were the first to know if we would see an early spring.

And in more hi-tech groundhog news, Phil could get an animatronic doppleganger. PETA is pushing for a robot to be used instead of Phil, considering he sits on display all year at the library, is forced into the annual crowded bulb-flash ceremony and is also being denied the ability to enter yearly early hibernation.


sports fans...a random 2010 Super Bowl spot; Meet Punxsy Polamalu.

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