Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to ... Erase Cell Phone Data Before Donating.

One of the reasons cell phone users are not donating their old cell phones is because they don't know how to erase all of their data before giving it away. Who wants their contacts, notes, and in many cases, emails out there for someone else to see? Or even worse, worrying about the chance of becoming a victim of identity theft because someone uses your personal information.

Here are some quick resourceful tips on how to handle that old cell.

First, do not rely on a cell store to erase all the data for you. Are they capable? Of course - but take matters into your own hands to ensure that everything is really deleted. (There are far too many examples of people who have purchased refurbished phones and find they still have data on them!)

Second, make the process easy by using a 'Free Data Eraser'. Go to Recellular.com and enter your model number (which can be found by taking off the back cover and searching near the bar code). Within minutes, you will receive a PDF via email with simple step by step instructions. That's it.

Millions of pounds of toxic waste end up in landfills annually. A large percentage of this can be attributed to the estimated 130 million phones disposed of every year - especially at today's upgrade rate.

So... donate that old Zack Morris phone that's been sitting in that junk drawer for far too long because there are a tons of organizations that could benefit from it!

For where to donate: earth911.com
For great organizations to donate to: pacebutler.com
Interesting cell phone facts: recyclemycellphone.org



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