Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What I Want... RIGHT NOW.

I'm holding out for a 3G iPad due out later this month - but now I can't resist having a custom version. A bit pricey - but for an extra $400 you can pick and choose your colors and finish right down to the button.

Definitely a way to stand out but I guess when it comes to $400 for an iPad identity you could just go the route of a skin for $20 and virtually accomplish the same thing.

Colorware also can customize an array of other electronics from your Kindle to your MacBook Air to your PS3 controllers.


  1. Have you picked up your iPod yet or are you still holding out for the 3G model?

  2. Hey Joshua! I think you mean iPad? Yes, holding out for 3G - Im actually really considering Colorware but it takes 3 wks to produce - urgh - I have no patience. Did you get one yet?

  3. Opps, yeah the iPad, splurge a little bit and get it over with. Plus you can have the case match the glasses :D



  4. Also you may want to check ".BlogArchive #ArchiveList ul li" in your CSS as you have a little overlap at 1280x1024, it looks good at home at 1680x1050 but sadly the work computers suck!




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