Saturday, June 12, 2010

Over Your Minutes?

Sadly, my largest cell phone bill was $999. I've called Verizon so many times about going over my minutes that they actually gave me my own dedicated line representative. No joke. Its a constant battle. I signed up for overage text alerts and I never have gotten one. And yes, I'm fully aware I can use #MIN to see my minutes balance, I just don't remember.

It would probably make the most sense to just get the highest plan but its so strange how erratic minute usage month to month can be.

With that said, I like the idea of Put in your email address and they will let you know if you go over. Its a one time shot. This is also a great way to monitor family plans.


  1. Hey I just saw your segment on CNN and I had to laugh about the Justin Beeber [sic] derailment. I'm with you on that one. Nice site too. Definitely the lair of a fellow geek.


  2. Thanks for recommending the site!

  3. Haha (Bieber segment) Isnt Don hilarious?!

    Thanks for reading Jerry- stay tuned!



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