Sunday, July 18, 2010

an iPhone4 kinda weekend

Its been an iPhone4 kinda weekend since Apple had their Friday press conference to discuss the antenna issues.

With hits on CNN and CBS I'd love to invite you to check out a clip of my thoughts on the Early Show to get my take.

Also, something I've been asked:
What if you don’t want to use a bumper?
Two words duct tape. According to Consumer Reports you can put a pieces of duct tape over the antenna. However, if youre spending a few hundred dollars on the phone dont be ghetto. Take the free bumper or custom make a cool case. Or if you don’t like the site use an invisible wrap that goes all the way around the phone and you can barely see. This will cover the sides as well (where the antenna is).


  1. Wait. Who wouldn't want a ghetto iPhone?

    Oh duct tape, is there anything you can't fix?

  2. Well it cant fix the Ozone layer or a oil spill. And great response to the Iphone debacle. I have a Blackberry myself and have been fighting on the boards with people in denial of their precious Bold 9700s having a antenna deficiency.



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