Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jetpacks are here!

In just a few months we will see the first commercial jet pack over 30 years in the making. We discussed this on CNN tonight and I wanted to share a little more information with you.

Technologies like this have been around for a while but have never been perfected. In the past they could only travel 26 seconds in the air and you have to weight 160 lbs or less. Now with the Martin Jet Pack you can travel for up to 30 minutes and weight up to 240 lbs.

*Travel at speeds up to 63mph
*Travel up to 31.5 miles
*Reach a maximum altitude of 8,000 feet in the air
*Uses premium gasoline just like a car – with a fuel capacity of 5 gallons
*In the US the Jetpack qualifies as ultralight vehicle which means you don’t need a license. Training for the first 10 owners will take place in New Zealand.
*Must pass the Martin Aircraft training program. But interestingly enough due to the stability and technologies behind the pack people have gotten up in the air up within two hours.

You might be wondering who this is made for. Well, this has peaked the interest of a lot of governments around the world are including the Us Dept of Defense specifically in the areas of special forces, Search and Rescue, as well as anti-terrorism.

But really so anyone can buy one for 100,000. Put down a 10% deposit, to ensure a production slot. Delivery for the first customers will be approximately 12 months from order. Progress payments are made during manufacture and final payment on delivery.

For those that find this a pretty steep. Plan to have jetpack experiences around the world for funs.

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  1. Very cool concept. I couldnt help but think of this song my friends made me listen to over and over last year. Hopefully you wont kill me when you realize you cant stop humming tune.



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