Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Return of the Mac

Unless, you're living under a tech rock - you know that Apple made a few announcements today - and many were exactly what people were hoping for. The biggest announcement was the pair of both an 11" and 13" MacBook Air. After Just spending a few hours on the 11". Here are some specs and my thoughts…

A few specs:

11.6” and 13.8"

11” – 2.3 lbs - $999

13” – 2.9 lbs - $1299

Intel Dual Core Processors

SSD - flash memory – Up to 256GB (depending on model)

5-7 hrs battery life

instant on

multi touch full keyboard

Notable - Brings Facetime to the Mac – why is this cool, we already have Skype? Well, its cool to be on an iPhone4 or iPod Touch (latest version) and ping a MacBook Air.

App store for Macs will be unveiled in less than 90 days. Since the MacBook Air does not have an optical drive this will allow all software to be downloaded right from the app store – another proprietary move for Apple.

Who are they going after here?

Apple has perfectly positioned itself for individuals that are shying away from the iPad in hopes of more functionality of a laptop but yet still want the portability.

For me…

I grew up hard coding on a PC, creating websites from 4+ languages, and doing things what now could be considered (in many cases) the hard way. I have watched an amazing revolution happen in software and hardware and computing as a whole in just two decades. (Many have seen more in their lifetime I realize that!)

There are some things on a Mac that you just cant get from a PC – its just way more of a new media device with programs like iLife that make me want to take a day or two off just to play around with and create more cool stuff.

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