Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Top Halloween Apps

Phantom Radar, Free

Ghost tracking app. For full explanation of how the company says it works click here.

**I like to spend time with apps (or anything for that matter) before recommending. However, there was no chance I was testing this out. So, my friend that lives in what was once a funeral home tested out a bunch for me and found this to be the most accurate. That’s all I’m saying.

Ghost Capture, Lite Version - Free, Full Version $0.99 (Full Version has about 20 more ghosts)
Add a ghost to any photo! Change the transparency for real effect. Ghosts range from ridiculously not believable to holy crap there is a civil war dude with a rifle in my photo!

imut8r, $0.99

Use any photo or take a new photo and make yourself a Halloween mess. Send to friends or upload for haunting fun.

Halloween Postage, $0.99

Send virtual postage through email or social networking sites. Cute and fun.

Haunt Finder, $2.99

Find best haunted houses in your area using your iPhone’s GPS.

At first I thought $2.99 was a bit steep for something I could find using Google. But, I have to say it found me some amazing and obscure haunted houses. The more country you go for haunted houses the better. (Trust me I'm from the country)

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