Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Top Ten Apps

With over 250k apps in the marketplace it can be a confusing world to navigate and find the real web gems. As someone that scours apps everyday (as part of my job!) let me make this easy for you and share with you my Top Ten.

1.) Bed Intruder Sound Board Antoine Dodson - FREE

If you're not familiar with Antoine Dodson, well you should be. Watch this video then download the sound board.

2.) Ghost Capture, Lite Version - FREE, Full Version $0.99 (Full Version has about 20 more ghosts)

Add a ghost to any photo! Change the transparency for real effect. Ghosts range from ridiculously not believable to holy crap there is a civil war dude with a rifle in my photo!

3.) Funny Call

Call anyone and change your voice to an array of sweet sound effects including creepy, cyborgs or chipmunk. Or to really drive them crazy there is an echo or an auto-tune option to make you sound like T-Pain. And for the really extreme 'make them think they are going nuts' go with Loop that repeats every thing you say over and over again. You can buy a 30 minute package for $4.99.

4.) Fake-A-Call, $0.99
Fake-Call-Me (Android) $0.99

Get out of an awkward date or escape a scene with a "talker" by creating a fake incoming call with name and number of your choice.
This app has been out for a while but now has cool updates. Must note that there are 9 voices to choose from that will even have a conversation with you if you get stuck. And if you get REALLY stuck they will read you a script of what to say so you don’t look like an idiot on a fake call.

5.) Toon Paint, 1.99

Instantly convert your pictures to a sketched toon. You can then add any color to any selected area and upload to social networks or send via email.

6.) Talking Harry, Larry, Tom or Hippo $0.99

This is simply an amazing app. You can create custom animation with three buttons and upload to social networking sites or send via email. Beware of Harry the depressed Hedgehog - too funny!

7.) Color Splash, $1.99

Convert photos to black and white and choose which details you want in color. Adding a splash of unique!

8.) Dragon Dictation, FREE

Sometimes it takes forever to type a long message or email. With Dragon you can speak it directly into your phone and it will transcribe it for you to copy and paste.

9.) Relax Melodies, FREE (33 sounds) upgrade to 70 sounds for $3.99

The low budget way to pretend you have a condo on the beach. Choose from a variety of relaxing tones from underwater to rain to butterfly or storm. Create and layer melodies and set timers. Over 800,000 users worldwide.

10.) LED Alarm Clock Pro, $0.99

Choose the color of your alarm clock and the song you want to wake up to from your iTunes library. Simple but worth it every morning.

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