Monday, November 1, 2010

Kinect - Launching November 4th

Out? Nintendo Wii

In? Kinect for Xbox 360 (launching November 4th)

Four years ago the Wii exploded in the marketplace. Again, that was four years ago. With Kinect for XBox360 finally ready to hit the shelves and showcase its take on motion control its normal to think ummm... isnt this a little behind? In a sneak peek I quickly discovered Kinect completely upstages the Wii.

First, lets talk about the Wii and Wii Fit because no doubt they were hits. It was a game changer in the console world and it brought people in that never gamed before. It even made family nights a reality with the interactiveness. I even discovered nursing homes that absolutely loved the console and had bowling nites! But, the Wii Fit coupled with the word “workout” was often considered a stretch - as not everyone was getting fit using it. And additionally often times the Wiimote can appear jittery on screen and we can all agree the technology could be a little better.

The Xbox Kinect is a different experience - a step up in motion control. By adding the Kinect peripheral on your already purchased 360, your entire body is tracked with a camera sensor (no remote required). Give a little wave to the screen to activate. And, taking a cue from Nintendo, the games are vast good for the whole family and more power for kids to get mom to purchase. You can also work in teamswith games like white water rafting in Kinect Adventures or even hit up Dance Central, an upgraded DDR dance version where you can jam out to the likes of Lady Gaga and PitBull. It was also cool to see little kids playing the Kinectimals game where a giant tiger comes on the screen and toddlers can tickle them, pet them and teach them to roll over.

Prediction? I think it will be an absolute hit this holiday season. And while the PlayStation Move has sold well since introduced my call is Kinect tops it.

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