Monday, November 22, 2010

iOS 4.2 for iPad

iPad iOS 4.2 software updates are here - giving what the Consumer Electronic Association calls the second best gadget next to peace and happiness some additional functionality.

Here are just a few of the updates I feel are worth noting – but I really think its more of a visual thing so if it helps I've posted a mini vid below too to showcase my faves.


With two taps of the home key you can now multitask between Safari, Apps, Email, etc. This is a convenient feature for anyone that’s hated jumping out of an app to check email and then having to jump back in for example.


Love the further functionality of AirPlay which was promised to be released in November. Have an iPhone4, iPod Touch or iPad you can now sync wirelessly to your TV (*using Apple TV) with the touch of a button. I think this is a sweet feature for showing off pictures especially during holiday time (to a tune of your choice).


Just like with the iPhone you can create folders to better organize and drop applications within folders.


The iPad now comes with a direct printing capability. There are around 12 HP printers that require no drivers and allow you to print directly from the unit. Hopefully more printers will have this functionality.

Unified Email.

If you're like me you have 4 inboxes – now they can all route to one inbox dubbed a ‘unified inbox”.

So… not to be greedy but when does the front facing camera for video chatting come to the iPad?!

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