Sunday, November 21, 2010

Move Over Axe.

Nothing screams passion quite like these unique scents that help conjure up your roots and fondest memories.

For just twenty bucks they are the perfect asset in scoring a guaranteed victory with that hard to reach individual. In other words: You're welcome.

I cant even write a better description - here is the one it comes with: "This cologne was created to smell exactly like the dirt from fields surrounding a Pennsylvania family farm". Yes! My PA roots completely understand why this ='s instant attraction. Question - does it come in a liter and/or in another version dubbed "after rain dirt"?

Remember when it was a grade school status symbol to have the silver and gold crayon? Well, this is way cooler than the 64 pack with the built in sharpener. Spray away.

Cotton Candy.
Not as awkward- but this one to me is a throwback to the 7th grade dance pregame approach: apply lots of Bonne Bell lip gloss and douses of fruity scented perfume for a weird slow dance with the guy you are "going out with".

See Dirt description.

It is said that sense of smell is the strongest memory trigger. This is guaranteed to not only bring back some good childhood days but perhaps add a new processed thought of realizing what a cest pool of germs each reused Play-doh dough ball must have contained.

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