Friday, February 11, 2011

Sheet Music is So Passe - there's an app for that.

Like most nerds I play piano - but I do so rather digitally. With a digital piano + digital sheet music on my iPad. Yup, there's an app for that and I wanted to share it because its one of my favorites consistently for the past few months.

So about 20% of my music comes from paper sheet music while the other 80% I download from I have a stored account (and while I can print out a copy) I naturally just sync everything right to my iPad. Yes, the sheet music costs money but the app is free.

Why bother? Because I find it much easier. The pages can be flipped with the touch of the screen and I can make colored notes on to indicate things like sharps or rests with a digital marker. There is also a highlighter option and an option for notes to be turned on and off.

I also can easily access all my songs in one spot as opposed to digging through books and folders. And since I carry my iPad pretty much everywhere all my sheet music can come with too.

I've attached a vid of my fabulous piano teacher Adam Tendler hard at work. :)


  1. Who needs sheet music when you can play blindfolded:



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