Wednesday, March 2, 2011

iPad 2 Unveiled! Here are the specs...

Today in San Francisco the long awaited iPad 2.0 unveil took place. In short here are the updated specs:

*Special thanks to Engadget for running the live blog. All photos courtesy of Engadget.

More Power:

Dual core CPU

2x faster

9x faster graphics

Same low power as A4

Lighter and Sleeker:

33% thinner than the iPhone4

13.4mm to 8.8mm

1.5lbs to 1.3 lbs

Black and White Color Options

Lives on both CDMA and GSM (AT&T and Verizon)

Same 10-hour battery life

Front and rear facing cameras (capability for Face Time)

Same gyroscope used in iPhone

HDMI video out (1080p)

Photobooth added to software (YES!) and can change effects by touching on the screen

Smart covers:

Also introduced smart covers in multiple colors (bad news for any cover makers!): new microfiber magnetic cover for the case – adds minimal weight and thickness $39 poly, $69 leather

iOS 4.3 announced

iMovie app for iPad:


Precision Editor, multi-track recording, share movies in HD

GarageBand for iPad:


Access to instant touch instruments: piano, drums, bass, organ, etc.

8 track recording and mixing

250+ loops

Amps and effects

New Sharing Options:

Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, iTunes, and yes! CNNiReport :-D


Same exact prices as original iPad when unveiled (starts at $499 wifi - $829 wifi+ 3G)

Available March 11


  1. I'm going in line at the Apple Store now!

  2. Katie: The first iPad generation is obsolete now? :(

  3. ha, isnt that the way it works these days?

  4. what color are you getting?! white or black?!

    i want white but black would be better watching movies in the dark

  5. hi kendan! I think im going with the white. it has that clean ipod look :-D u seem torn! have you decided?

  6. Just saw you on CNN and looked you up- I'm in need of a good "why should I get an iPad?" comparison to come out, looking closely at the actual reasons people get tabs and including the popular rooted Nook I'm copying files to try right now. I just wonder, what am I missing out on? What does an iPad do, that I can't do, unless I get an iPad? Feel up to the task?



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