Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random Junk Drawer Edition

Fire Ants Candy, $3.99
Purely for reminiscing on my ESPN College Game Day glory days in the Bayou at LSU. Specifically the day in which I got attacked by Fire Ants and had to be hosed down.

Super Awesome Surprise Box, $19.95
I just really like the concept of sending someone a "super awesome surprise box". Apparently there is $75 dollars worth of goods inside. Sure, its probably all junk but who cares because the cardboard box says "Super Awesome".

Saw 3D - Voice Generator App, FREE
A little late on this find but still amaze. Convert your voice in to the freaky dude from Saw and send someone a happy little email with .wav attachment. Create 10, 30 or 60 second messages with a series of effects. Here is my little message I created <- click there.

Super Mario Snerdles, $3
Nintendo fruit strips covered with candies. Come as a delicious coin, star or mushroom. They remind me of the card you get at the end of every Mario 2 board.

Triops Desk Pets, $14.99
Because sea monkeys weren't weird enough. Triops hatch in about 24 hours and have three eyes. Oh yeah, and umm... they double in size daily. Perfect for a wedding gift.

Pixel Oven Mitts, $16.99
I hope these are a lot more practical than the Pac-man oven mitt I purchased.

and just because...

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