Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All Sorts of Miscellaneous

Lots of miscellaneous fun finds from the one and only @teluric ...

Human Organ Lunch Cooler
Because packing your lunch deserves an upgrade.

This has straight-in-to-a-tree written all over it. Meet Skataz motorized wheels that take you up to 13.5 mph.

Circuit Board Necktie
This actually doesn't look junky! Perfect for the techie in your life!

Star Wars Rubber Duckies
Yes! Even comes with LEDs to light up the tub.

PTA Toddler Disclaimer Shirt
This should come free with every Disney World booking.

Pac-Man Doormat
Dang it. I think this upstages my "Welcome" in binary mat.

Modern Art Tea Towel

Donkey Kong Jenga Collectors Edition

Bacon Cologne
The natural scent of attraction; lard.

Pure genius for $50. Sometimes I break out some ridiculous moves to open public bathroom doors. Its like - we just got done washing our hands then proceed to open a door thousands of other people have touched - and when was that door last washed - um, never?? This makes too much sense.

Crime Scene Fleece Blanket
For all of us that love 48 Hours Mystery a little too much.

And I'll leave you with an image of choice....

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