Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get Your Doppler On - Best Weather Apps.

Weather apps can be undervalued especially in areas like my hometown of Erie, PA.While visiting a couple of weeks ago we had a rainstorm, zero visibility fog, a snowstorm and a near 60 degree sunny day in the span of four days.

So when I was recently asked what some good weather apps are (by ahem, the amaze Bradley Singer) I thought it made sense to create a blog post and really narrow it down.

The Weather Channel (TWC MAX+), $3.99

The ultimate weather lover’s app. Easy access to local forecast, maps, news and video clips, local and national alerts and radar maps.

*Note there is a free version with adds that looks a bit junkier.

Umbrella Today?, $1.99

One of the simplest apps in the marketplace. It answers one question only; "Do you need an umbrella today?". You can also have it alert you on days the answer is YES. Because as we New Yorkers know, it's painful on the days without them. It does indeed have me asking another question "Should I just use the device I am looking at, type in weather.com and save the $2?" Hmm... For funs see my recent post of awesome umbrellas too! --> Click here.

Weather HD, $0.99

A visually stunning lightly animated weather app that shows you the forecast as if you were outside. You really have to see this app in person to “get” the full effect. Customize 5 day and hourly forecast. Also enable chance or rain, visibility and pressure in in Display Settings.

Outside, $2.99

A simple easy way to glance and get the forecast instantly. Capability to add alerts from rain to high UV.

My final pick?

Weather HD.

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