Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Showers Bring ... Awesome Umbrellas!!

I love the rain. When I was little my sister and I use to jump in puddles, make mud pies and dig for earth worms. #funnostalgia. Now on rainy days it seems people are just miserable because it messed up their commute. However, I still love them. Something about the smell in the air, rain boots and if lucky sleeping in! And of course who could forget the umbrella! Enjoy some faves...

Lumadot, $24.99
If you're a regular reader you might know how much I heart my Lumadot umbrella. It makes me smile as much as perfect strangers passing by!

Globrella, $24.99
Automatically fades in and out of colors with an easy to operate on/off switch.

Hands-Free Stroller Umbrella, $49.99
Not sure how great this actually hooks on is but loving the concept!

Color Wheel Umbrella, $25-$40
Gloomy days meet the color wheel!

The Umbrella Bag, $20
Still torn on this one. Might as well just have it come out of a fanny pack.

Goggles Umbrella
Pretty Practical actually! Not so practical if you can't order in Chinese :(

Pet Umbrella, $12.99
Hello, genius! So many dogs walk around NYC soaked - they deserve to be dry too!

Cloud Umbrella,$48
Looks like clear skies to me!

Gunbrella, $20
Old school Batman-style.

Windproof Umbrella, $20
Had to include a business option that is practical!

Color Changing Umbrella, $40
A little appear/disappear action awesome for kids!


  1. I still want an umbrella that pops out of my hat when I say, "Go Go Gadget Umbrella!"

  2. Don't forget the Blade Runner umbrella! ;) Similar to the Globrella but it stays one color. And also... Blade Runner.

  3. @jk Haha I like that idea.

    Sammael - totally on the Blade Runner! I purchased two as gifts last week!!



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