Friday, April 1, 2011

An Upgraded View-Master?

Hasbro announced today My3D a $34.99 which turns your iPhone or iPod Touch in to a 3D viewer.

It is available in blue/black or white/blue at Target beginning April 3rd. It has seven free apps available that are made specifically for the device - this includes 360 Sharks which provides an immersive underwater experience and Teleport L.A. which gives you 360 views from the Santa Monica Pier.

I had an exclusive hands on with this and thought it was pretty interesting - it reminded me of my View-Master, almost exactly, just with animation and ... bulkier? Aren't things suppose to get smaller on an upgrade decades later?

I've had some time to think about it and here are my other thoughts:

First, not sure though how long a kid would really hold this up to their face.

Second, this product will have a tough time finding a target demographic. The website shows kids playing with it that appear to be 17 - by that age they are on serious consoles not bulky plastic accessories. If a 17 year old wants a quick fun fix they'll go to a $0.99 app on a device they already have on them. With that said, younger kids are also in to more intuitive gadgets (think Nintendo 3DS) and for a kid that is too little a mom won't be handing over their iPhone.

Third, I will say I think the price point is right but again not sure the overall demanding want or need.

Last, video quality. I didn't exactly feel like I was at an iMax or seeing something that I had to show someone. It was more so a cool effect on a novel product.

A hilarious note is that ThinkGeek announced its annual lineup of April Fool's Gag Gifts and there is a product exactly like My3D called Super3DBoy------>
April 1st probably not the best day to announce a product.

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