Friday, April 1, 2011

Rando Round-up for Early April

Today's funs come courtesy of David DeSilva and yours truly.

Comic Toilet Paper
$7, Perpetual Kid
Yes! This doesn't beat Charmin Diamond Weave... but it's a close second.

Bacon Flavored Envelopes

$9, ThinkGeek

Lego Stilettos
Courtesy of Fashionably Geek
Finn Stone's 2011 collection

Doodle Duvet
Courtesy of GizmoDiva
200 thread count: Draw on it, wash it, repeat.

$20, Perpetual Kid
This reminds me of vintage Batman!

Dream Lights Flickering Lamp
$30, Perpetual Kid
Ah! Memories of catching fireflies in rural PA when I was little!

Bacon Lollipop
$3.99, Perpetual Kid

and Randoms to shun:
The Limited Edition Will & Kate Pez Dispensers (up for auction) <---As an avid collector this hurts!

and / or the GE Limited Edition Will & Kate Commemorative Fridge.

And for pure enjoyment....

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