Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Weekend Gadgets - Showcased on CNN

Here is the CNN vid too! > Click

1.) Underwater Scuba and Snorkel Goggles LiquidImage Co. $99- $350
I use to think it was so cool to have an underwater disposable camera – this kicks it up a notch. Two different models available for both snorkeling and scuba diving.  Now you have the capability to take up to 720pHD video and 5MP stills, hours of video and thousands of pics!

2.) Rock-It, $50
Turn anything in to a speaker.  Super small and portable perfect for the beach our outdoor gathering.  Once you stick the sticky pad on to any object it turns it in to a vibrating loud speaker.  Stick it to a surfboard, snack box, cooler, you name it for serious jamming out.  Works best with things that are hollow.

No gadget segment would be complete without something from an infomercial. A summer favorite got less messy. Put in the oven or on a grill and make tasty treats in up to 5 minutes.  

4.) Cruizin Cooler, $349-$1,399
Cooler that fits up to 24 cans and goes at speeds up to 13mph.  Comes in a number of different colors and you can choose from customized rims, gas and electric models, etc.  Trailer hitches are also available so you can tow your dog.

5.) TanningBooth App, $0.99
Not getting away this Memorial Weekend but want to fake that you had an amazing vacation?  Fake and bake with the TanningBooth app.  For just $0.99 you can add a tan to any photo and control the level of extreme.


And I'll leave you with my tech travel tip!  


That's right better think twice about the five-finger discount for that luxurious towel. Two companies Linen Tracking and Fluensee paired up to create the new technology that embeds RFID tags, in other words a tracker chip, to make sure you don't run off with it. Now you might say that seems a little ridiculous and cheap on a hotel's part but understand a hotel bath towel can run around $8-9 dollars a piece.  Monthly lost can range from 5-20%.  

One hotel in particular reduced towel loss from 4,000 a month to 750 a month, which turns into about a $16,000 monthly savings.  Each hotel handles the approach different in getting their linens back - some might just add it to your bill others could implement that embarrassing phone call. 



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