Monday, May 9, 2011

Top 3 Crazy Gadgets of the Month...

And there's still more than half a month to go! Not sure what's in the air but tweets weren't enough for sharing these gems - had to put together a roundup!

Robotic Cat Ears
A furry set of ears (currently in proto form) have embedded sensors that monitor your brain activity. When you concentrate ears perk up. When relaxed they fall back down.
And so on.

Nose Stylus

There's 20 minutes in a day where you can't exactly access your phone... well now someone has stylishly solved that dilemma.

Kiss Transmission Device
Long distance will never be hard again, only awkward.


  1. Any site that can track browsing history, in my opinion, is a bad thing. It is nice that you are able to share your browsing history, but what other information is gathered and shared with other 3rd party sites. Even worse, information that can be stolen by the hackers out there.



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