Sunday, January 29, 2012

Super Bowl Social Media Command Center - CNN

Unless you’re living under a sports rock, you know that the Patriots and Giants are heading to the big game next Sunday.

Not only is this the first Super Bowl that will be streaming live (and even city volunteers will be equipped with smart tablets for helping visitors), it’s also the first time a big event has actually created an on-site Social Media Central Command Center.   

Here’s the deal:
The Super Bowl Host Committee tapped Taulbee Jackson of Raidious, an interactive agency known for building social media presence for big brands, to come on board and leverage all of their social media accounts. 

In Super Bowl territory where space is a premium, they’ve set up a 2,800 sq. ft. on-site facility with producer stations and cinema displays to track and monitor all video and audio sources.  

Command Center Specs:
-  2,800 sq ft. facility seats up to 35
-  Entire facility controlled by iPad or iPhone
-  9-screen monitor wall (over 100 sq feet)
-  (12) 27” iMacs for students
- (6) Producer stations with 27" Apple Cinemas displays
- Approx. 300 sq ft of whiteboard space

Not only will they be running the official Super Bowl Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr accounts, the producers and crew will also be on the ground getting content.  They will be joined by sixteen staffers as well as local university journalists and new media students that were also recruited to help.    

If executed properly and ROI is met this endeavor could set the precedent for other big events such as the Oscars and World Cup. 

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  1. Interesting. And, if it *is* a huge success, next year's game might end up being rebranded to the "Super iBowl". ;-)



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