Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February the Month of Wacky Gadgets... oh ...and Love.

I heart @teluric for more wacky finds. 

Stone Drink Dispenser, $125
Handmade from stones along the Northeast Coast (ie the sane part of the country). 

Photorito -- Burrito Lens Wrap, $20
Turn your gadgets in to ultimate. grand. supreme.

Scratch and Sniff Jeans, $165
Thanks to TechnaBob for this find, “this Canadian brand boasts of using only raw denim manufactured at a traditional mill in Japan”.  I dunno still just seems like the wrong area for scratch and sniff :-/

Cuisipro Scoop and Stack Ice Cream, $15

World’s Largest Scrabble Game, $12,000
Great for first dates!

Picture of Yourself Riding a Dinosaur, $50
What in the name of Photoshop is this?  I think I need one.

R2D2 Shoes, Lightsaber Shoes, $30
Yay for Stride Rite!

And as always pics of the week!


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  1. I think I could make an even bigger Scrabble game by hooking up an iPad to a projector... or would that be cheating? :)



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