Friday, February 10, 2012

Gadgets For Your Man

I talked to some of my fave guys and put together a list of go-to guy gadgets.  This is no fail gifting material here ladies!

DeLonghi Circolo Coffe/Espresso Maker, $130
For the guy who wants to make decent coffee or espresso at work and not an entire pot.

Mophie Air, $80
Great for 6 hours extra charging on the iPhone.  Its the slim version so while it doesnt charge 8 hours, 6 is plenty, and its still sleek enough for him to put in his pocket.
Jambox, $200
I think Im annoying myself with this one - as I must have put this in 5 segments on-air to date.  While I hate recycling previous items, this one is such a hit with anyone for listening to music wirelessly from computer, smartphone or tablet.  Also great for sticking in carry-on for travel.

Delgon Knife Meeting Set, $740
I know, they're ridic expensive - but they're gorgeous!

Coffee Cup Power Inverter, $35
Another charging gadget - because dudes don't consistently charge their gadgets like us smart girls do!  This is great for the car cup-holder.

Poler Duffaluffagus Bag, $80
I think this is incredibly sleek and practical for the traveler. Skateboard not included.

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