Sunday, February 12, 2012

iPad 3 Rumors

Apple has sold over 55 million iPads to date and has an estimated tablet market share of 83%.  However, if you’ve been planning on purchasing one, you might want to hold off.  Rumors are swirling about the iPad3 hitting the market soon. 

And lets talk about those iPad3 rumors hitting the interwebz. According to an iPad3 announcement could happen around the first week in March.  That would likely make it available at retail latest near mid-March. And, I think this is a pretty safe assumption considering it’s nearly 12 months since the iPad2 has been released (and Apple typically works off a one year product cycle).

What should we expect:
Here are my guesses paired with the rumors:   I see this as kind of the equivalent of iPhone 4 to 4S.  A few bumps up, but nothing too crazy.  

·      Improved Display (New retina screen)
·      Faster Processor – Apple always improves speeds on new products
·      Better cameras
·      4G LTE capability
·      Siri – expect Siri on all things Apple moving forward from iPhone5 to the rumored Apple iTV  
       television set.   

What I don't think we see:
·      A smaller 7” form factor. This has been rumored for months but remember Steve Jobs said that size would never work.  Do I rule it out entirely?  No.  If we ever do see a smaller size I would guess it would be out around holiday.

As always, I’ll keep you posted on all things Apple as it comes in from the source.  Until then, let the rumor mill take it away!

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