Sunday, February 12, 2012

Single on V-Day? So are millions of others...

First, if you are single, fear not.  So are many of Facebooks 850 million users. Here are the current stats.

*All information courtesy of Facebook*

Current Relationship Status Trends
*active users with specified status
    ◦    37.4% are “Single”
    ◦    31.0% are “Married”
    ◦    21.6% are “In Relationship”
    ◦    5.2% are “Engaged”
    ◦    2.0% “It’s Complicated”
    ◦    1.2%  “Open Relationship”
Relationship Status Updates in 2011

*numbers reflect *only* those users who changed their relationship status at some point in 2011
    ◦    7.6% updated their status to “Engaged”
    ◦    2.6% updated to “It’s Complicated”
    ◦    20.7% updated to “Married”
    ◦    25.2% updated to “In A Relationship”
    ◦    31.9% updated to “Single”

Oh and another stat, according to multiple surveys over the years, Facebook is a treasure trove for divorce attorneys -- but that's a whole other story...

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  1. Thanks Katie... I'll be celebrating V-Day on top of the Empire State Building again this year with Meg Ryan. She has never disappointed me.



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