Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Five Must Have Fitness Apps & Gadgets

I had the pleasure of contributing for the first time this morning on, “Live From the Couch,” a great NYC morning show.  

I had to narrow my top five apps and gadgets for health and fitness which is not easy!  Here is my list:
Zombies Run - $7.99 (iPhone, Windows and Android)
Zombies Run is an app for running.  Nothing will get your butt moving more than throwing you in the middle of a Zombie apocalypse.   Every walk, run or jog almost becomes a mission.   Collect batteries, medical supplies and turn on Zombie chases to work up an extra sweat.  The app works in conjunction with your playlists and also the nerdy side of me loves that it does what a running app should do…. logs your distance, pace, and allows you to share your progress with friends.  I do think it’s a bit pricey for the functionality, but quirky enough to get some people off the couch.


ElliptiGO, starting at $1,800 (yes, I know, I know pricey!)
The Elliptigo is a hybrid between an elliptical and a bike.  Created by two ironmen – it is used by Olympic qualifiers, pro athletes, marathoners and of course people like us!  This great cross-fit device was developed for all users and fitness levels.    

Notable statistics:
  • It burns 33% more calories than a bicycle, so you can get a great workout in 30 minutes
  • Has up to 11 speeds
  • Height of handlebars can be adjusted and there is a kickstand   
  • Can reach speeds between 15- 25mph 
  • Can convert to a stationary bike

See my full review previously on CNN here.
This is an early look at a gadget that was recently funded ($174k and counting!) on Kickstarter. 80% of Americans will have back problems.  This little sensor is put around your waist and when you slouch, it will alert you with a little vibration.  It also keeps track of your progress 24/7 via a free iPhone app.  The battery in the sensor lasts up to 4 days and since this sensor has on- board memory, you only need your phone when you want to sync.  $149- out in November.

Map My Ride, $2.99 (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android)
Choose from over 26 million routes to bike and optionally connect with over 5 million users.  Also, track and log calories, distance, speed and elevation and listen to music with the app running in background. 

ZocDoc, Free (iPhone, Android)
If I had a dollar for every friend and family member I’ve got obsessed with this app, it might cover a half month’s NYC rent.  In short, it takes forever to book a doctor’s appointment.  When the appointment date finally arrives, something else comes up, and you can’t make it.  ZocDoc allows you to search and book doctor appoints within 24-48 hours.  It’s now in over 19 cities and growing.  Search by reviews, insurance plan, specialist, and/or location.  Easy, fast and you can change appointments quickly without talking to anyone!


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