Monday, July 23, 2012

Grab bag of gadgets for your Monday

More than just a watch you control a tini-R2.  R2 clips to keychain when not in use.  Um, yes looks like total junk but must have adorbz!

Bellyak, prices vary
A new spin on kayaking - just hope a shark doesn't eat your face off.  Offered in two different models "Frequency" and "Play" depending on your skill level. 

Oh yes, the brain reading viral cat ears we saw all over the interwebz last year are now retail for realz.  I sported them on our Comic-Con All Access coverage on Spike TV!

Casket Furniture, prices vary 
File this under multi-functional I guess.  Trust me when I say must at least look at website.
*As first seen on!

icufflinks, $130
Pulse on.  Battery lasts up to 72 hours.  And PS they are open source and can be programmed to however you like!

Made from the Bhut-Jolokia (i.e. the ghost pepper).  1,041,427 scoville units (compare Tobasco which has a 30,000 rating)  But, hey, apparently its Gluten free!

My USS Enterprise pizza cutter has competition!

And as always pics for funz!

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