Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Gadgets FTW!

Move over Russell Stover.  Here are some fun options for Valentines that say I 'less than 3 you'! (< 3 )

Mophie Helium, $80
A choir of angels has sung! Finally, my favorite battery case for iPhone 5 has arrived. This protective case comes equipped with six extra hours of battery life. Everyone I know will be getting one of these for their Valentine’s gift :). 

DNA Portraits by DNA11, Starting at $200
Remember how romantic that pottery scene was in Ghost? Well, this is like the modern-day version of that. DNA11 sends you a collection kit to swab your inner cheek. You send back the collection kit, choose your frame and design, and within two to three weeks, you will have a DNA portrait with a digital file. Also available: a custom collection kit of a kiss or fingerprint.

Chocolate Flavored Envelopes and Notecards, $13,
The future is here. Forget flying cars! Finally, flavored envelopes (with matching notecards) are a reality.

8-bit heart earrings, $12,

Zelda-inspired Heart Jewelry, starting at $8 (find courtesy of technabob)

iPad Mini, starting at $329
I mean, this gadget is the key to anyone’s heart. Add engraving for extra bonus points!

Red Cup Wine Glass Set, $17,
Class things up college-style with this uber inexpensive Solo wine cup pair. Sip your Merlot in style. 

Flask Tie, $28,
So you’re stuck going to that lame play? No problem. Flask ties, which include a bladder that subtly holds six ounces, are available in a number of different styles.

Heart Tea Infuser, $10
Here’s an easy and cute way to drink your loose tea, year round.

S’mores Maker Kit with Mini Torch, $21 + cost of mini blow torch
I love this kit from 3tarts. It’s a bit gourmet and a bit expensive but super good! Basically, what we have here is an indoor s’mores kit, complete with cinnamon marshmallows, matches and graham crackers with chocolate chips in them. But the cool part is skipping the matches and kicking things up a notch a mini creme brûlée torch. Yes, you can torch them yourself on a plate! (Another option: skip the gourmet goods and go the half-price route. Just buy the torch at any cooking shop and use Hershey’s chocolate and Kraft marshmallows.)

Pixel Mug, $12,
This heart grows with the temperature of your hot beverage

Less Than Three Earrings, $25,
I've blogged about these before, but they are still one of my fave pairs of earring studs! 

Cheryl's Cookies, prices vary,
Nothing beats mom's cookies, but mom’s not always around. If you suck at baking (like me), Cheryl’s cookies are a true win. Trust me, their buttercream frosted cookies are like crack. Take advantage of coupons on the site or on (I never buy these cookies full price). Want to just say “thinking of you?” You can send one cookie for $5 to a friend.

Baseball Heels, designer
For girls that cant walk in heels in the Meatpacking District, I won't judge you in these.  Perfect pickup for the sports girl in your life.  Though for $2,100 you might as well just create your own.  

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  1. I liked all the gift ideas. I was looking for some gifts like the Valentine iphone 3gs cases for my wife and my wife's sister. Are there any available on this site?



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