Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tech the Halls!! CNN Style -- Part 2!

My #1 gift of choice and likely the most asked for gift by all ages this holiday season is the iPad.  But, that's too easy so here are some more options as showcased on CNN!  Here is the TV link!

1.) ZAGGFolio, $99,
I haven’t really been fond of other iPad case options until I saw this one in person. It’s durable, lightweight and serves as a nice stand. iPad2 snaps right into the Zaggfolio and rests nicely in the dock (unlike other docks iPad wont fall out if bumped). Bluetooth keyboard is removable.

2.) ALL THINGS BACON ($4 - $13),
From bacon frosting to bacon dental floss to bacon hot sauce, thinkgeek has you covered!

Disney Sing-A-Longs have received an upgrade.  The ultimate gift for kids sing karaoke, sing along with top hits and create music videos and share them with friends and family. (Uses the iPad2's cameras).  Nice little touch to add voice effects like reverb and pitch enhancement!

4.) KINDLE FIRE, $199, w/ Amazon Prime, $80
A nice tablet for $200.  In terms of full service it doesn't stack up to the iPad (note you wont have 3G capability, cameras and the bevy of apps just yet) but a great device for the price and its really fast!  Take advantage of the $80 a year Amazon Prime membership for 2-day free shipping on, free access to thousands of e-books in the Kindle Lending Library and free access to a ton of streaming movies.  You can read more on my Kindle review here.

5.) VOICE ACTIVATED R2-D2, $150,
The only thing I asked for this holiday.  Over 40 voice commands; R2 will work as surveillance for your home, play games and even dance.


6.) JAMBOX,, $200
A perfect portable speaker for desk, travel or small apartment.  Worth the spend.  I literally pack this with me on long business trips for my hotel room.

7.) Skullcandy FIX Earbuds-IN EAR BUDS, $70,
Theses are my go-to ear buds. Its a miracle they actually dont fall out!  Even use them at the gym and they stay in.

The meme is dead but this gadget is so in.  With just a little sun it transforms my living room putting prism rainbows everywhere.  It always makes me smile and has become a go- to easy gift. 

9.) ONION DECOY BOXES (6), $38,
Because nothing says I love you like Homeland Security Cologne. 


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