Monday, December 5, 2011

Travel Digitally Savvy - CNN

Here are my personal go-to sites and gadgets for traveling digitally savvy as discussed with the amaze Brooke Baldwin on CNN today -- and if youd rather watch the CNN video its here

Zaggfolio for iPad 2, $99
I haven’t really been fond of other iPad case options until I saw this one in person. It’s durable, lightweight and serves as a nice stand. iPad2 snaps right into the Zaggfolio and rests nicely in the dock (Unlike other docks, iPad wont fall out if bumped). Bluetooth keyboard is removable. 

Jambox,, $200
A perfect, portable speaker for desk, travel or small apartment.  Well worth the spend.  (I literally pack this with me on long business trips for my hotel room.)

SkullCandy Fix-in earbuds, $70
These are my go-to ear buds. Its a miracle they actually don’t fall out!  I even use them at the gym and they stay in. 

Freehands Gloves, $18-$80
From knit to cashmere options, this is a softball gift idea for anyone with a smartphone or tablet.  You can’t access the screen with gloves on. 

With freehands, there are 2 different options you can purchase: the fingers that flip back (there’s little magnets in there holding the knitting down) or this one is super sleek … it has conductive tips so you don’t have to take your gloves off at all. 
Bombata Travel Bags, $39-$49,
Great for iPad or any size laptop!  People stop me all the time asking where I got my two bags.  Plus, it comes with a shoulder strap.  Worth hunting down! 

Mophie Juice Packs ($34.99  - $99.95)
++ Juice pack plus (8 hours extra)
++ Juice pack reserve

These come in 6 different colors.  The juice pack plus touts it can nearly double your iPhone battery life.  It has a standby and charge button, 2.9 oz.  and showcases a status indicator light that will tell you how much juice it has left .

Websites for the traveling techie:
Airbnb – Use this for renting places on the cheap.  This site serves over 160 countries and 16k cities – rent a room in a house, an apartment or even a mushroom dome or an island.  Plus, see renters and owners reviews so you know who you are dealing with.  (I use this site on long stays in California!)

SeatGuru – Discover the best seats to pick on this website that lists every airline, every plane, every seat.

Orbitz – A site most people know but best customer service and super short wait times if any.  Book flights through here (most people don’t realize there is a 24 hour no fee cancellation policy!)

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